Saturday, 5 April 2014

DAK reinforcements

These have been laying in my leadpile for over a year, I thought it was time to give them some love.

With the release of Perrys 28mm plastic ww2 miniatures and the rule set of Chain of Command that I read so much about recently I got the munches for DAK again.

To satisfy that hunger I painted some long awaited reinforcements to my army.
With a friend playing Americans in midwar I have felt that the PaK38 of my "early part of midwar" force didn´t  pack the punch needed to knock out those nasty Sherman tanks. Now I hope these PaK40 will fit the bill.

I also painted a platoon of infantry and a higher command team, the plan was to use him as my Second in Command in an infantry list.
The miniatures are a mix of Battlefront and Skytrex.

Heavy hitters.
 My new 2iC



  1. Very nice indeed, great work Sir.

  2. Very nice. Especially the spotter with the googles.Kampfgruppe Engel = Wüstekriegkommando Engel??? ;)

  3. Nice pictures. I'm preparing a group of DAK and Italian IIWW soldiers for bolt action, I hope to obtain the same nice results