Thursday, 17 April 2014

Treemoss fantasy, Ambush AAR

Last weekend I dusted of my Treemoss colection again aftar a long resting period.

I had an idea of an ambush scenario using the "Road block" scenario from Flames of War. But instead of one round of shooting from an ambuscade I let one unit charge an enemy.

The armies was divided so the humans would be ambushed by the creatures from the forest.

The story is that the Norsemen are making an advance along a road but what they don´t know is that they are watched from the forest...

The Norsemen are making an advance along the road when suddenly a unit of Boneback warriors attacks from an hidden position in the tall grass.

After a quick fight the Bonebacks prepare them selves as a blocking force. Awaiting the next unit marching along the way.

 The sound have been called and reinforcements arrives. A unit of Ulfheðinn and a unit of Gestirs.

 Norsemen cavalry form a battle line.

 Gunnar Gröpe is leading the Bondi troops in a counter charge.

Two mighty Jötnars in support of the dwarf Eitre. These two lumbering behemoths smashes through the Norsemen lines.

Final battle.
Of all the creatures of evil those two Jötnars and the cunning Eitre won the game for the ambushers.

This scenario was a let-down. I thought it would play out a little different then it did. The scenario was a little to decided from first turn and left little to the players in ways of options and how to move their troops.

Well at least I got some nice pictures out if it and a new found respect of Jötnars.


  1. Cool looking game and super Jotnars...

  2. Very very good looking game !

    Nice to see your tree,ossre fantasy project ut on the gaming table again!

    Happy Easter !

    Best regards Michael

  3. Nice looking game and a very good battle report. Joyeuses Pâques Jonas!

  4. The lack of tomte makes me sad :( Excellent-looking game though!

  5. Is this at someone's house or at the club? Those architect/blueprint cabinets (in upper right, pictures 1 and 6) are expensive.

    1. The pictures are taken in our club, the filecabinets came from my work where they had to many and wanted to get rid of some, so I was able to buy some for almost no money.

  6. Thanks guys, glad you liked it.

    Im already considering hosting another game, with a better scenario.