Monday, 8 December 2014

Call out the leþunger

This is my by far greatest batch paint...
So now you know why its been relatively quite in this blog. Besides other things outside hobby time this batch painting have taken up my time.
Its not the must fun way to paint miniatures by batchpainting them but as you see it gives results in numbers....
But from now I think I will try to keep the numbers down a little.

It all started when I started converting some Fireforge miniatures and mixing in Gripping Beast Hirdmen and Dark age warrior bits and miniatures. After that I wanted to include archers to get a mixed unit and so I started looking for archer miniatures or spare bows to include, and to even further get a mixed feeling with the unit I ordered some infantry from Curteys miniatures.
I needed some archers from them but thought I could include some command miniatures to.
And to sum it all up, by the time I had gotten the right mixtures of bowmen, command miniatures and miniatures dedicated to close combat their numbers had swollen...

So this is what I ended up with.
I plan to use these in Hail Caesar as three units of Ledung mixed rank medium infantry.

Modelwise Im really happy with the overall feel of the unit. The units have Fireforge Miniatures as a base but with heavy influence from Gripping Beast Hirdmen box and some of their Dark age warriors. All the leadminiatures, archers and command are from Curteys miniatures. I have included some old Brettonian plastic archers with head or arm swaps. And together with some archer arms from Perrys Wotr infantry kit I have a unit of all kinds of mixed bows. Those old Brettonian bows are really huge in comparison with some of the other bows but I think this only adds to the overall effect of the unit, and I am glad I can pay homage to those old sculpts by including them with my new miniatures.

These units include greater number of single based miniatures then I would normally do when Im doing whole units at the time. This is to get more miniatures suited for Lion Rampant or other skirmish games.

 The whole Ledung battle line.

Paintingwise it was some hard choices. I wanted to have a rather generic looking bunch of miniatures so they could be used in as much factions I could. So I didn´t want paint them all in the colours of a decided noblemen or nation.
The dresses are kept simple and more colours are used on some of the shields.

By trying to keep the shieldpatterns rather generic maybe I can use these for about anything, even things outside my project theater. Maybe use them as Scotsmen fighting some English, maybe Frenchies (at least from Normandie...) or Germanic mediaeval troops.

And same thoughts about the banners, generic colours that could be used for anything.

Im not totally happy with the shield patterns but I think they work. Some of the patterns or shield designs looks a little wrong but I have no plan to redoing them at the moment.

Thanks Michael for those extra Perry bowmen arms.


  1. Batch is quite an understatement for that lot! :) I'd go nuts trying to paint that many figures at a go. Doing anything over 10 is already a real chore and kills motivation.

    Anyways great work on these guys!

  2. Really nice work on these, I think you've succeeded in keeping them generic but interesting and eye-catching. They'll set you up nicely as a starter army for HC or a simple 12 points worth of warhost for Lion Rampant.

  3. Greate paint work Jonas !!! Love to see some Swedish medieval ledung ! Got that you could use the perry archer arms.

    Looking forward to the next batch:)