Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Medieval Scandinavian Army

I thought it was about time to get a new army update. I love seeing miniatures all together and it gives me a easy way of knowing exactly what I can muster and maybe give me some ideas of what Im lacking and should add later.

And with relatively good light this day Im happy with the pictures.

Beridna skyttar - Medium cavalry with crossbows
Armborst skyttar, medium crossbowmen
Ebbe Sunesen Hvide - Commander
Tiny unit of  skirmishers with bows. And a lesser commander somewhat behind them.

Ryttare - Medium cavalry
Bågskyttar - Light infantry archers
Ledung - Medium infantry with mixed bows 
Riddare och Svennar - Knights and Serjants, Heavy Cavalry

Ledung - Medium infantry with mixed bows  
Ledung - Medium infantry with mixed bows  
Ledung - Medium infantry with mixed bows

And lastly a picture of my whole collection at the moment.

So where do I go from here?
If you have any wishes please tell.

Im thinking about adding a unit of dismounted knights, maybe some other kind of heavy infantry. And some mercenaries in the form of German Knights or infantry. I might need some more types of light infantry or skirmishers.
Oh and I might need some more commanders.


  1. How about Light Calvary? Did they exist in your time and place?

  2. Lovely overall effect, btw :0)

  3. Really greate work !!! Opposition?

  4. Every unit is so impressive! A great looking army, well done!