Monday, 29 December 2014

New shields for Håkan and a tent

I have painted up another batch of shields for my friend Håkan and his force of cursed Westerners... ;P

I doubt the historical accuracy of some of them but he is free to skip some of them if he wants to. Buts its nice to have a little variation, to give the unit a little more life. It will be fun to see his units will these fine looking shields on.

And I have also done a little test piece of an tent. I made the designs on a coffeebrake on work and printed it and cut and glued it together.
I think it ended somewhat small and I somehow managed to glue to roof piece on rather tinted... But I thought it would be bad to waste it so I based it and flocked it and its now ready to be used.

So for future tent pieces I think I will do larger tents and add small threads to act as tent-rope or whatever the English word for it is.

Later I plan to also do some eastern design tents oppose this western design one.

But it was rather easy to glue together and I think a couple of these would be a nice way of representing an camp or be used as objective in a game.


  1. I'd bet that not all tents set square :0)
    Guy-lines = tent ropes

    Happy New Year

  2. Very nice shields. Lots of variety as you say. I suppose the tent is a little small for the model in the photo. But doubtless would work for 20mm or smaller? The basing really helps though so as a test piece I think you've had great success :-)