Friday, 9 September 2016

French Crusader knights

At last I got these French crusader knights ready for gaming.

I wanted the most part of them atleast, to belong to the house of Lusignan so I could use them as French knights, but also as knights of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. But I wanted some more variation of colours in the unit so not all of them beloung to the House of Lusignan
House of Lusignan-Vouvant
Counts of Jaffa and Ascalon
Lords of Vouvant

The commander of the unit. I just had to give him and old Bretonnia helmet to pay homage to those old knights.

And all together with my previusly painted French knights I can now muster this unit...

The Banner is from Michas excellent blog. Do visit him, he is a great guy with lots of nice stuff. Highly recommended.

More pictures of the other knights in the unit can be seen here:
For Work in Progress pictures from when I converted these please go to:


  1. Hallo Jonas, das sieht richtig gut aus, deine French Crusader, und danke das ich mal ein von meinen Banner sehe, an so schönen Figuren, noch mal Danke.

  2. A wonderful job, these colors are amazing...