Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Shaltari Ronins

Here we have my new Ronins.
A quick photoshoot that resulted in the far from perfect picture but you get the point, they are cool looking and follow my previous paint scheme. Just in time for my latest order arriving with the Phase 2 book and some new miniatures...

Ronin are the frontline assault troops of the Shaltari. Their primary role is to strike first and from unexpected places. Every one of these individuals lives for nothing but war, an obsession that is all-consuming and unyielding. In battle they favour heavy warsuits – towering constructs that emulate the joys of physical combat but on a much larger scale. Though far too large to enter buildings, these suits are nonetheless surprisingly agile for their size. Armed with a pair of Gauss Carbines, they dart and weave across the open battlefield, delighting in the destruction they bring to bear on the foe.

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