Monday, 19 September 2016

Thunderer Siege Tanks, Death Korps Assault Brigade

I bought some vehicles in a sorry state second hand from a friend that had bought them second hand himself and I converted two Leman Russes to Thunderers. A lot of work have been put into these to make them look as I wanted them to.

I used the dust filters that Forge world sell originally to the super heavies but one pack of these is enough to two regular vehicles with some converting.

One of the Thunders were given a Tyranid scull as trophy but I only painted it rather generic as I have heard that a friend of mine is about to change his Tyranid colour patterns so I will wait until I have seen his final colours before it will be completed.

A easily accessible combat knifes for those "drive me closer" movement....

Combined with my previous Thunderer I now got three for a complete battery. They are numbered 331, 332 and 333.

They all have the "Mortua Ferrox" symbol on them somewhere.

Here are some Work In Progress giving some hint of the sorry state they were in when I got them.


  1. Did you make the turret etc from Greenstuff?

  2. They are a made out of about 50/50 greenstuff/milliputy using a mould on the front part on a newer Leman Russ turret with Instant mold:

    Highly recommended for press moulds and its like. Perfect for hatches and relief symbols and so on.

  3. Excellent job bringing them back from the dead