Sunday, 25 September 2016


I bought the Rus infantry from Fireforge games knowing I would use them...

Seeing the latest trailer for the coming Russian movie Viking made me kitbash some of the Fireforge Russians with Gripping Beast Hirdmen. Enought to make a small unit in Lion/Dragon Rampant.


That combined with the whole eastern Norsemen, and their lack of attention in this more English orientation miniatures gaming world.
This is a whole new world to explore, sailing the rivers of Volga, crossing the Caspian sea and dragging the boats all the way to Byzantium, Persia and trading steel for those Ulfberht swords…   

For those who have missed it:

Granted the movie will probobly not be as good as I want it to be but still... Rus Vikings...

For those interersted in the plastic Rus box from Fireforge Games, here are some reviews:


  1. Very nice builds matey!
    I have actually done the same :)

  2. Very nice conversions. Well done. I've been thinking about doing that as well, just really been busy.

  3. Looks really nice. I plan on doing the same. The only problem with this mix is the varying "base" hight between Fireforge and Gripping Beast. (Add some thin plasticard under the low "bases" or sand down the high ones and all should be OK.)

  4. Thanks.
    The base sizes is an issue. My plan is to add something under some of them but keep one or two at a lower level to have a more variety I length on the soldiers.