Monday, 12 December 2011

15mm Medieval

When I bought the 15mm French DBA army my intension was to expand it with some extra blisters to get a Hail Caesar army.
The plan Is to use the DBA basing system but in the Hail Caesar rules count one base as a tiny, two as a small unit, three bases as a standard and four as a large. I think this could work out fine, thou I haven’t tested in on the tabletop yet.

Here are some reinforcements to my French troops.
A small unit of Templar knights, striking fear into the unchristian heathens.

Joined small unit of archers.

And a scale shot of the village earlier posted, defended by a unit of archers.


  1. Great as always, but the archers guarding the village are some big men! ;) Very nice painting.

  2. Yes yes, its a propaganda photo.
    To put the fear in the Englishmen or the Germans...