Thursday, 19 December 2013

Ruins for my Saracens

I found these at a sale and thought they would fit in nicely to my Saracens.
They are actually GW Lord of the rings terrain but I think they work.

Its just a small step to improve the dessert terrain for my gaming club and I hope to make more like these.
I used a zenith light technique (black primer and then a quick white primer at about 45degreeds angle) and then added some sand colours deluted with water and added some sand on top of the actual model. A very quick and effective technique.

You might wondering about the strange bases, well its so I can fit them all together to form a sort of larger ruin area terrain.

And with some miniature from my collection it can look like this


  1. Very effective using the zenith technique

  2. Looking good and very effective basing!

  3. Very nice looking terrain, and a clever "puzzle" base.