Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Wing Commander: Kilrathi fighters

This takes me back...
I just painted some Kilrathi fighter from the OLD computer games of the Wing Commander series.

It was when I saw the miniatures painted by Aegis Neugenbaur that I knew I had to get some miniatures.

The miniatures them self were ordered from Shapeways and have been.. ehm.. resting... since when I ordered them. But I wanted a little something for fun to paint and there they were.

I dont have any rules to use them yet but think maybe I could toss something together when I have painted some humans to oppose these.
Im thinking a sort of beer and pretzel game where the skill of the pilot should matter more then the spaceship he or her are in.

And a little something for scale. The miniature are a 28mm miniature.
- Pull.


  1. You are the best! I really like the cartoon about wing commander 2. :)
    Quite scary and vivid colors....

  2. Great stuff. You're right - it takes me back too...

  3. Wonderful! Darn, I really don't need another project...