Friday, 27 December 2013

My Saracen force, at the moment

I just love army photos, to see all the miniatures together they usually looks even more impressive then single. 
And thats why I thought it was time to take some pictures of my collection at the moment. What I have painted so forth.
In these pictures are also miniatures from my Tribal Africa collection that has been recruited to act as skirmishers to my Saracens.

Starting with from the left side I got a small unit of archers and some light infantry, I got two small unit of African skirmishers.
The Commander of this small force is accompanied by a drummer and two bodyguards (two spare infantry miniatures).
Then I got two other unit of African skirmishers lead by a commander from the same tribe.
Under them is a small unit of medium infantry and a small unit of Turcomen horse archers.

A small but growing force.

With these pictures I would just like to say that If you like them please take pictures of your collections and upload for us all to see. I love these kind of armypictures.


  1. Love your work. The choose of colours are excellent.These men will "shine" on the gaming table. By the way: Happy new year 2014.