Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Saracen infantry

My Saracens have recruited some new infantry.
A Commanding officer and a drummer is there to guide them.

I just love the colours... Maybe a little over the top but I really want them to look like a sort of Easter egg collection...
The rank and file are from Musketeer Miniature and the officer and the drummer from Gripping beast, as well as two of the spearmen.
About the colours, these are all a sort of test run for my cavalry that I intend to have lots of colours and I wanted to try it out on something before the intended miniatures. I also experimented with some details on the clothes. The plan was to have duller colour on the infantry but I think I can easily hide these a miniature or two in larger "more boring" infantry formations later on.

Some closer picture of the officer, I wanted really bright colours on him and experimented a little with the extra details on the red.

These two are actually plastic miniatures from Gripping beast Dark age warrior box. I changed the shields and added a turban in greenstuff to their heads. I still need lots of more practise on this but I think it shows some potentials.

Hmm I think I will have to practise some more to get even more details onto my miniatures...
Imagine a 28mm miniature with those details...


  1. Nice varied paint scheme. I just started another unit of these, and was looking for some inspiration. Thanks

  2. these are very nice I like the bright palette used a lot

  3. Very nice looking unit !

    Impressed by the use of the Dark age warrior box.

    Best regards Michael

  4. Love the look of these, very fine work.

  5. Well done. Very good looking fine color. Like the shields.

  6. They look wonderful. Brilliant to have a unit of individual figures and colours.