Friday, 27 February 2015

Turkic Ghulams

I have painted a small unit of Turkic Ghulams and as a sort of homage or maybe inspiration from Medieval Total War II I tried to paint them with lots of green.

The miniatures are from Old Glory except on that is from Perry, I switches so the Perry miniature got and Old glory horse to better hide the sculpting differences.

Overall I like the Old Glory sculpts, they are not perfect but it was a nice change to get some new sculpts and new horse designs.

The banners are home made from pictures I found on the internet and printed on regular paper. I then added some paint on them to make them better fit in with the colouring of the miniatures.
Lets face it, I can never paint that good calligraphy by hand...

Some of the shields are transfers and some hand painted. These six are the first half of a whole unit planned. And painting six at the time sure is funnier then batch paint them all in one go.

The miniatures are painted with a heavy green theme as I wanted them to stand out a little in the army and I wanted to theme them a little after the colour for the Turks in Medieval Total war.