Monday, 9 February 2015

Clashes of local warlords in the Holyland: Lion Rampant AAR

Last week I intreduced my friend Johan to the rules of Lions Rampant.

We both made a 24point army from our Muslim forces from our Crusader project and rolled for a scenario.
The scenario we rolled was C: The Fugitive

My objective was to find a Imam that had been inprisoned by Johans forces. He had managed to escape and was hiding in this vincinity.

A unit of Turcoman horsearchers entered the forest and searched for the missing Imam, they needed a 6 to find him in the first of the possible terrain pieces, they did not manage to find him here.

Enemy forces are slow to react to sight of the enemy, the commander had trouble to order his troops about.
And the Turcomans rolled a 5 and found the hiding Imam on the hill... Tada

It was now time to retire to my own line.

With the swift horses they started to pull back with the enemy in persuit

I move my archers up the hill for a nice wantage point and a unit of spearmen to block enemy movement.

And he is escorted to safety.

A really strange match with no cassualties... Some arrows was loosend by caused actually no cassualties. By having a really fast unit of horse archers to find the missing person I was able to retreat really quick and pull the wip with me.

As the first game was over rather quickly we had time for one more. This time we rolled scenario:

Johans forces had travaled a little to deep in enemy territory in search for the missing Imam and was now heading home. So deep behind enemy lines they risked being circulated and trapped, they had to break trough.

My spearmen are moving across the cropfields.

As my cavarly tries to close in.

My plan now was to try to get the archers up onto those ruined building for a bit of added cover and to get a nice fieldview for their archery.

As Johan seems to push all out for one of my flanking forces I really need to get my cavalry into the fight.

My cavalry are closing in but still have some distance before they can make some trouble.

Enemy cavalry pushes on. I choose to pull back, not wanting to let his troops reach my horse archers with his swords.
I had formed a schiltron formation but this seems to be a totaly unneserary idea because of the rought terrain...
His mounted Serjeants pushes me back.

His mounted serjeants now attacks my arhcers.
With a great deal of luck I manages to survive with only light cassualties and are pushed back.

I have now linked up with the damaged archer unit and I feel much safer.

My spearmen unit are finnaly beaten and the survivors flees the field of battle.
Im really happy how they have managed to survive enemy archery and assaults by now.

With a archer unit supported with two unit of horse archers and their is still some distance between our forces I hope for some devastating archery rolls...

My combined archers manages to inflict enought damage over the following turns and Johan had trouble advance under that hail of arrows.
His forces was thus beeten.

Johan seemed impressed by the rules and I leart some new things to. Lion Rampant sure seems to have potensial.
It was a nice experience to run this list I had with all those cavalry units and the amount of arrows I could fire.

Those Turcoman horse archers (Mounted Yeomen) sure are some quick units to move around...


  1. Glad that you like the Lion Rampant rules.

    Exellent looking terrain, you minis are always a joy to see, i must admit that i have a hard time to see the minis of your opponen that are not finished...

    Looking forward to an arr with both your muslims and crusaders.

    Best regards Michael

  2. Thanks for the report you have encouraged me to think about painting my Arabs in to a retinue.