Monday, 2 February 2015


You know that unwritten law of miniature gaming or feeling with a newly painted unit that gets totally trashed at the first game or never manages to enter the table from the reserves...

Well with these miniatures I would be perfectly happy with that happening...

Some new casualty markers. The miniatures are from Perry Miniatures.


  1. Nice work.
    I painted some of those to go with my El Cid collection, they are great models.

    1. Thanks Paul.

      They sure are.
      I almost feel sorry for everybody else but Perry really does the best miniatures on the market in this era.
      I often feel that everybody else except some single miniatures sculpts here and there are so far behind in sculpting quality that’s its almost comical to have them side by side...

      To bad that I want more variations and more units that the Perrys dont have so you are sometimes forced to look at others for those things missing.

  2. Crafty solution for a casualty marker and nice painting on the minis! Now all that's left is to send your men forward, and hopefully get some hits :0)

  3. What make are the marker bases, please?
    I read somewhere that Pendraken do them but couldn't find them ... so if you have a link I'd be very grateful.