Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sudanese spearmen

My Sudanese troops always seems to punch above their weight class, above what their statline would suggest and sometimes almost conduct a miracle.

I might just have jinxed that with these but I thought that my Sudanese contingent could need some reinforcements.

So I batch painted these two unit of medium infantry spearmen with mixed bows. For stat in Hail Caesar I look at the Fatamid Egyptian list.
That list gives them a dice in long range shooting that could be handy. It also gives them the option to upgrade the with the longspear special rule. I havn´t found any suitable miniatures or ways to represent it but it would be a fun thing to test out in the future.
Maybe I could just add another rank of spearmen to represent that rule.

I have opted to base more of these on single bases then I normally do as I wanted to have a better option to use these in Lions Rampart in the future.

Going through these pictures now I noticed that I glued one of the banners upside down... Darn it. I hope that it will not be to obvious on the gaming table so I think I will just close my eyes for that one.

The previously painted Sudanese can be found here: