Thursday, 28 May 2015

Norse Bondi

I managed to get lots and lots of painting time last weekend, it have unfortunately taken all of this week just to get the time to do the bases...

Here we have a unit of Norse Bondi troops with the addition of some bärsärka type miniatures thrown into the lot.

The miniatures are mostly from Gripping Beast plastic Dark Age Warrior kit but with the addition of some heads from their Hirdmen kit and some plastic Warlord Games Celts miniatures as well as some metal miniatures from different makers to add that extra level of variation that I like.

I tried to keep the clothes and colouration simple as these are on the poorer side of the army.

On this unit I tried a new technique of having different colours on the basing primer and use that base in lots of areas on the miniatures as seen in these work in progress pictures. You can see what primer colours I used by the tray (?) they are glued on.

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