Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Viking Bondi

I suddenly felt the urge to paint me some Norsemen.
And I opened up my closet of hobby related things and found a half painted unit of Norse Bondi troops. Perfect.

And here they are now all painted up and with some bases ready for the gaming table.

The miniatures are a mixture but the main mass of miniatures comes from Gripping Beast plastic Dark age warrior box. With some head swap from their Hirdmen box you get a nice Norse feeling to them and even better to throw in a metal miniature here and their for that added level of variation that make a unit look even more interesting.

 These were loots of fun to paint and Im afraid I just have to paint another soon...


  1. They look great, wonderful job!

  2. Look nice, my dark age figures always seem dark in comparison.

  3. Great looking vikings. Ready to go to Valhalla.

  4. nice painting - they don't look darkish vampire like neither over the top colorful clown like. Just looking very good.