Monday, 15 June 2015

Bedouin light cavalry

You can never have enough light cavalry in an Saracen force and I thought I was short on some Bedouins. The miniatures are from Old Glory.

Some of the miniatures were given extra throwing spears or javelins, I thought it would only be proper to have some spare if you are going to throw them away.

Im tempted to get some more Bedouins later on, there is something special with all those robes and the turbans.
I tried to give them rather bright colours but not to many details or patterns on the fabrics. Some of them were given stripes on the robes that seems to have been a growing trend even for Bedouins at this time. 

Here are some great information for those interested.

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  1. Nice figures and painting, I am hoping to get something similar later in the year.