Sunday, 14 June 2015

Zone Mortalis AAR, Death Korps vs Eldar

This Friday I had a game of Zone Mortalis for 40k with my friend Johan.
We both had 500points and played on a small 2´x 2´table.
The mission generated was to hunt killpoints, in other words destroy enemy units.

Lets jump into it.
I had a small unit of Engineers with a Demolition Charge and Carcass ammunitions. Yes yes I know, its totally not worth it to pay for Carcass ammunition on a 5 man unit but its always to fun to roll a 1 on that gets hot dice... My engineers sally fort and totally misses with the Demolition charge and instead it scatters outside the gaming table... bummer... I really thought I could inflict lots of hurt on those Eldars...

Another Eldar Guardian unit advance and my brave Engineers was caught in a crossfire and was wiped of the table.
My Commander and his unit was able to return the favour. Unfortunately an Eldar aspect warriors enters from the reserve...

My command squad is surrounded, not a good thing when you have Toughness of  3...

With just one enemy unit left to shot with I still had my wounded commander and a plasma gunner. This meant a really slim chance to survive the round. And maybe not to surprising when the Eldar squad had fired none where left alive.
I got reinforcements in the form of Grenadier.

I have just wiped a unit of Guardians with all my flamers and hotshot lasguns and are here trying to take cover behind a corner.
But the Eldars where fast and they run far more then I first had anticipated.
Actually it was ages ago since I last played 40k and I had forgotten they could run and still shoot with their guns...

Some of them managed to survive and with a unit of Engineers still behind a large door things were still not over.

I managed to wipe the Aspect warriors from the table but then it was my opponents turn.

His guardians rushed forward and shot my Engineers but their "thick" Carapace armour managed to save some of my soldiers. His Autarch stormed what was left of my Grenadiers and the Guardians stormed my Engineers.

Somehow the Engineers managed not only to hold the enemy back they even managed to win the combat against those Eldars forcing them to take a moral check that they failed.

With his Guardians on the run I rushed forward trying to take them out.

By now his Commander was finished with my Grenadiers and his Guardians had managed to recover.
My Engineers was now cough in the tight corridors of the Zone Mortalis...

Game two of the eventing. 500points again but this time I got rid of my over-expensive command squad and slimmed them down to just lasguns and laspistols... And use this points more effective.
The mission was for me to take out 3 objectives while my opponent was to keep them up and running.

Eldar forces have noticed my attack and starts to advance in the corridors.

Doors are opened.
The Death Korps infantry have barely noticed that their attack have been spotted.

The Eldar forces storms forwards with guns blazing...

With a retaliation fire many Eldars are cleaned out of the room.

Next wave of Eldars storms forth.

My lines are dangerously thin...

But reinforcements arrives in the nick of time.

My Commander is trusting the men to take care of the Eldar scums so he will dedicate his attention on the objective, taking one out with some grenades.

The Eldar aspect warriors are next to attack my lines. Charging two badly depleted units and taking what was left of them out.

The Grenadiers let their flamers work and the Aspect warriors was not to be seen after they had done what they should.
The Autarch storms into close combat with the Grenadiers wrecking havoc in my line.

The Commader deemed the situation somewhat under control and instead of helping the Grenadiers attacks and takes out another objective with more grenades.

The underground attacks on the City of Reichengrad had with heavy casualties atleast managed to take out some old computer consoles, hindering the Eldar to take advantage of the information there in.
This is a small continue of a campaign we started named "Conquista of the planet of Reichengrad" The Death Korp forces have since the last battle started to make small raids underground but a big battle have not taken place since the last mega-battle seen here

Two very intense games of Zone Mortalis and it was fun to see that such good games could be thought with only 500points. I think that both the Eldar and my Death Korps played well against each other and with nether force not really able to take a punch it was a bloody affair.

It would be interesting at least initially to see how a Terminator squad with its heavy armour would just dominate the game.

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