Saturday, 4 February 2017

Ice Jötunn

I had this Ice giant lying around for far to long, about time those Blood Rage kickstarter miniatures started to get some paint on them...

I went with a blue skin on the Ice Jötunn. The base I wanted to have in stile with my other miniatures so I went with grass on the base and moss on the rock but I wanted to give the Ice Jötunn some snow so I added that on top of that, to give a frosted feel to the miniature.

The plan is to use him in Dragon Rampant and use the rules for Elite Foot with Missiles. Maybe add a special rule but I think I will keep him rather simple.

 Ready to throw down a rock from his mountain.

And conveniently enough it snowed this morning so I just had to get some pictures outdoors, to bad I just had my phone with me and not my regular camera but with good light I think thats good enough.