Thursday, 23 February 2017

UCM - Dropfleet Commander

Here we got what I have been working on the last couple of nights.

A growing fleet of United Colonies of Mankind.

And with all the spare parts you get its a great opportunity to convert some special ships.

First out is my Military salvage ship.
The idea is to have ship with some self-defence and armour that is meant to salvage ship wrecks, help stranded ship crews, deploy military engineering troops on asteroid mining or military installations.
The ship is meant to be able to take some damage while doing its job.

Lots of doors in the front, for quick access to the transport/cargo bays.

The "arms" on each side is meant to be used as some kind of tractor beams.

I havnt decided on a stat line yet but Im thinking something like:

Scan 4"
Sig 6"
Thr 7"
H 6
A 3+ or 4+ (I want this to be a robust ship that can take a beating but I dont want to go over the top).
Pd 3
G 1

It got two UF-2200 Mass driver turrets
And it will need some special rules to make it work.

It is intended for special scenarios.


  1. This is an interesting looking collection. I like the sleek lines in the design aesthetic I look forward to seeing how they paint up.