Sunday, 12 February 2017

Dropfleet Commander - Shaltari fleet

Hawk wargames had a Kikstarter for their Dropfleet Commander game and were able to produce a lot of miniatures in plastic because of it. The kickstarter as kickstarters often do took longer time to ship out to the backers then originally planned.

I wanted to continue with the Shaltaris as I got them in the ground game of Dropzone Commander and to be able to link the armies in future campaigns.
Here we have my fleet at the moment, its the basic recommended starter list with some added extra ships.

Painting wise I continued with my paint scheme from Dropzone Commander. Im not totally happy how they turned out, I miss some of the yellow/orange details from my groundtroops for that added contrast. I have thought about repainting the now green "core" on the ships in yellow/orange but this will do for now. In the next batch of ship I think I will try that.

But enough about that bring on the ships them selves...

Here are some picture taken outdoors for better light.

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