Sunday, 2 April 2017

Army pictures Horus Heresy - 30k (LOTS OF PICTURES)

This Saturday we had a gaming day in our Warhammer 30k Horus Heresy Escalation Campaign. We played with 500pts armies, both single and games of multiple players.
More pictures and details about that later, when I have had time going through all the pictures.

After the games, those still there of us took some time taking some pictures of some of the armies that had battled it out that day.
Here are five out of the ten armies from the event.

Word Bearers  - Fredrik Permo

Space Wolves - Tobias Nilsson-Gjörloff

 Raven Guard - Petter Tillström


 Alpha Legion - Jonas Eng

 Iron Hands - Björn Uddgård


  1. Excellent. Love the view of finished minis. Still favourite the colour of Alpha Legion armour.

    1. Thanks Michal, sadly the pictures cannot make their shiny armour justice. They look even better in real life. 😊

  2. Very nice looking forces !

    Jonas it seems like you was a underdog as all the other had one big guy in their forces and you only plain marines...

    1. Thanks. I got Tartatos pattern Terminators, they pack quite the punch but have a greater tactical value then a big dreadnought variant. In most of the games we played they captured objectives, escorted wip and such were bigger badder robots might not have managed. Im really happy with my force performens.

  3. Very impressive......lovely work by all wouldn't want to pick a favourite 🤔