Sunday, 23 April 2017

Patrol mission, Death Korps vs Tyranid AAR 40k

Today I had a game of 40k

Some of the players had a special day of Tyranid vs Imperial Guards games.
Each force is a 1000pts force and the plan was to have some different forces to borrow to people to try it out. It could be 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 and so on.
Each game is added together for an final result at the end of the day.

I brought some miniatures and wanted to be a part of it.
I had two really different forces prepared but in the end I talked to much with the guys and we went out for some food so I really just had time for one game.

Before the game I told my friend Håkan that I wanted to try out a rather different force and asked for forgiveness well in ahead... I would be playing the Armoured Battle Group from the Imperial Armour vol 1 book.

Håkan took a pre prepared Tyranid force at random. His force would contain a Genestealer heavy force with some Lictors and some other greater beast.
I took far to few pictures from this game Im afraid.

Tank commander in a Vanquisher tank with Artificial hull and extra Beast hunter ammunition.

Atlas recovery vehicle.

Thunder Siege tank
Leman Russ Punisher
Leman Russ Exterminator

Heavy support:
Griffon heavy mortar carrier
Griffon heavy mortar carrier

We would be playing and old scenario from I think it is 3ed rule book, Patrol.
So apparently some one high up the command had decided to send my armoured company in an patrol mission in the forest.

Each player would have one troop choice on the table and the rest of force would arrive from reserve.
I choice a Thunder siege tank as my scouting troop and it got contact with a small group of genestealers.
We would be given points for how much points of enemy we had destroyed at the end of the game.

I choice to have the Thunder deployed as my reconnaissance element. The plan was to have it in firepositon as early as possible.

I won the roll for getting the first turn and started to blast away with the big gun of the siege tank.

When it was time to start to roll for reinforcement all but one tank arrive. This meant that well ahead of enemy movement I would have a solid firebase.

After my initial movement to enter the table it really wasnt any point of moving my tanks as the mission only gave points for destroying the enemy and I was facing a close combat force with my tanks.
All the movements from now on was just to get a better fire position.

My Atlas recovery vehicle makes a battlefield debut, way overcosted for a moving heavy bolter platform but in a force like this you really got to have one.
I guess that if my tanks decides to get bogged down moving in the forest it could come in handy dragging them out again but really I see no real point in including one then for the rule of cool.

Håkan had some bad luck with his reserves and the Tyranids were only arriving piecemeal much to my tank commanders liking...

And with the special Beasthunter ammunition available to my tank commander, granting my Vanquisher instant death special rule on its big gun the mighty beast was killed... Håkan did roll a one on his coversave so even with the creatures special rule of added cover save that was not enough..

We decided to call it here, Håkans reinforcements would not be enough to impact the game in any big way. My gunline had no motivation to close in on the enemy and as the enemy force didnt have any firepower to speak of all he could do was run towards my big tanks and get gunned down...

So their you have it, a small after action report of a rather special and unfortunately rather one sided game, it really wasnt much Håkan could have done with the special force that was available to him and his really really bad dice roll of cover save didnt help either..

So two rather special themed forces on a mission that really didnt help to balance it makes this a short game in the end.

I dont know the end result for the campaign but when I left the Tyranids where leading the result. Glad I could contribute to some Imperial honour at least.

Here are some other pictures from the other games.

And the event ended with a near total victory for the Tyranids with a result of 5-1.

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