Thursday, 6 April 2017

Game 3: Horus Heresy - Escalation Campaing, Lacum Itineribus

Game 3: Horus Heresy - Escalation Campaing, Lacum Itineribus

This was the third game I played in the campaign day. Unfortunately I didnt get so many pictures from this game as the others.

My Alpha Legion had information that the Space Wolves was after cultist priest that was behind much of the insurrection on the planet. Their plan was to take him out when he was stuck in morning traffic to his daytime job. The Space Wolves had three potential suspects.
My Alpha Legion team was meant to escort the cultist leader to a safer place the day before, but that would have been to easy... Not the Alpha Legion way...
If we could snatch the cultist leader away right under their noses so much better. Cursed be their martial hubris...

The game it self would be played as the others for the day, 500pts and unit could be broken up into minor units with a minimum of three men per unit.

In this game we would have three objectives, each one containing a person that could be Cultist leader. Each player would escort the objectives out of their table edge and after the game a dice would be rolled to see which one of the objective escorted really was the right one... This to spice up the game and add a layer of uncertainty.

I went with the infiltrate special rule for this scenario as quickly taking the objectives would be of the essence. I had good luck and was able to get the first turn.

Early in the game I was reach the objectives before the Space Wolves.
My left flank was my heaviest flank, as the tacticals got the wip out of the car the terminators opened up some suppressive fire.

The Space Wolves had some trouble getting through the thick terrain that was in front of them. Giving me time to collect all of the wip and even start pulling back.

As I was pulling back the Space wolves was chasing after....
Some bad dice rolling from me meant that they were even closing in.

Their HQ and his nasty elite unit of power axes and artificer armour caught up with the centre wip and together with their special charge bonuses made short work on my tacticals escorting him.
This did however meant that they were relatively close to my terminators...
In my movement I rolled a 5 for moving in difficult terrain and the terminators was really close by now...
And I managed my charge, this meant that all the Space Wolves special charge rules would have no effect and instead would my troops have an extra attack for charging...
The lightning claws did surprisingly much casualties and the power fists from my terminators made short work of the artificer armour.
An challenge had been issued and my Sergeant would came on top of his commander. The power fists and the ability to kill a character with a single wound because of the strength of the power fist was effective... And Tobias failed his invulnerable save and I did not.
The central wip was secured by the terminators.

A continued cat and mouse game ensued on each flank and I tried to use the terrain to block his shortest routs to my units to keep me out of combat. That was a plan that on more then one occasion proven to be effective in this game as charging through difficult terrain adds a minus two on the charge range.

All three wips where escorted out of my table edge in the end and the Space Wolves could see their target disappearing right under their noses...

A highly successfully mission for the Alpha Legion.

Had the Space Wolves deployed besides the thick terrain instead of trying to run through it this could have been a totally different outcome. And the standard dice roll problems.
I was able to charge the Space Wolf elite unit with power axes and artificer armours with my terminators instead of the other way around and that are one of those moments that could have totally altered the game result.

Big thanks to Tobias for an really intense nerve wrecking game of cat and mouse...

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