Thursday, 6 April 2017

Game 2: Horus Heresy - Escalation Campaing, Lacum Itineribus

Game 2: Horus Heresy - Escalation Campaing, Lacum Itineribus

Game 2 for the day. My Alpha legion had located some enemy informers. These people had to be silenced and their collected data secured.
To counter my move was sent an Raven Guard detachment under the command of Petter Tillström.

As with the previus game we both had 500pts armies and units could be split up into smaller unit with a minimum of three man per squad.

The table was set up to have three buildings with the informers inside and tree objectives symbolising their data. The informers could be killed by a round of close combat from the opening of the building. Two of the buildings was less sturdy and could be destroyed by shooting (Armour 10, 2 hull points)but after the game we would roll a dice and the informers would only be killed on a 5+, making a Close Combat a mutch more reliable way to take them out but still an option. I was also able to engage a tent a tent in close combat after I had shoot it to symbolise troops making sure the target was taken out.
The data could be secured by moving into base contact but loosing that rounds shooting.

I went with the infiltrate rule for my Alphas to be able to deploy deeper in on the table.
This time the Raven Guard player won the infiltrate roll and could deploy first.


Alphas moving in...

Raven guard rhino lurking behind a tall building.

My troops sees one of the objective relatively unprotected.

The Rhino pop smoke for protection and a unit of Raven Guards and their commander is guarding one of the tents.

My terminators advance and manages to destroy the tent. It's only a 5+ result after the game to see if the inhabitants are killed but it's better then nothing, the plan is to move up an be sure before the game is to an end.

Then... Then I got a really nasty surprise. The unit inside the rhino had some effective special rules... Apparently these were one use only but a one use rending, flamer attack with shred was all it took and my terminator squad was no more...

With that nasty blow my Centurion took the company with some tacticals and charged the Ravens guarding one of the tents.

And my Thunderhammer swinging Centurion with the support of the squad made short work of them in one fell swoop.

One of my small tactical units moved up and secured one of the data objectives instead of engaging the enemy.

The enemy special squad took no notice and closed in on my Centurion with boltgun blazing... He somehow miraculously survived unharmed, all be praised the artificer armour and ye ol mighty dice Gods... 

After I moved up an emptied my pistols into them I made an combined charge, my tacticals taking the reaction fire from the charge.
As my Centurion was equipped with a Thunderhammer he would be swinging last, he took a wound but survived. My tacticals and the Centurion won the fight.

In an attempt to stop me from entering the tent and kill any surviving informers the Rhino with an stormbolter and an multimelta (they can get those in 30k... nasty..) charged through the wall and shoot at my squad of tacticals containing the sergeant but it could not do any damage.

I ignored the Rhino and cleaned out the tent instead, securing the objective. The last tacticals with the Centurion had charged the last squad of Raven Guards and the Centurion was the last man standing as the enemy fled the scene and his marines were dead.
The Rhino now tried to back up and take my Centurion out with his Multimelta. But it got bogged down onto the walls it tried to cross and could not get a clear shot. My powerfist sergeants and his squad of krack grenade wielding tacticals now silenced the enemy machine.

With two out out of three informers killed and all objectives containing their data secured it was a great victory for the Alpha Legion.

A bit thanks to Petter for an intense game that could have gone in a totally different direction had the dices decided differently in some important instances.