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Game 1: Horus Heresy - Escalation Campaing, Lacum Itineribus

Game 1: Horus Heresy - Escalation Campaing, Lacum Itineribus 

Here are the first AAR from our campaign day we had. My Alpha Legion would be pitted against Raven Guards.
We have played some games before but this would be my first game on the campaign day.

For more detailed background see here: http://kampgruppe-engel.blogspot.se/2017/04/horus-heresy-escalation-campaing-lacum.html

The area had a couple of objectives that would be gathered and could be carried out of the table at your table edge to secure it, the unit that left the table would be placed in reserve and would be able to enter again with an reserve roll.

The objectives was information or data on a highly representative of the large hive city under siege. The hive lord has turned traitor and any information on him is important. Should such information fall in the wrong hands these could lead to embarrassment or in worst case his voluntarily or forced recognition and a new lord appointed.  Maybe one more leaning to another side or someone easier to control...

We would be playing 500pts and units could be broken up into lesser units with a minimum of 3men. This was decided to get a greater tactical option with these smaller forces.

As an Alpha Legion player I get to choice one special rule from a list for all my men with the Astartes Alpha Legion special rule. I went with infiltration as I felt the option to get a better deployment would be great in a scenario like this.

I was facing Raven Guards and they also got Infiltration on their troops as one of their rules and a dice roll was rolled to see who would deploy their infiltrators first, a dice roll I won.

Sneaky Tartaros pattern terminators from the Alpha Legion had infiltrated one of the larger buildings in the underhive.

Raven Guards veterans lay in position to step forward and open up fire with their guns.

Raven guards jumppack infantry and fast skimmer advances.

Alpha Legion terminators have captures one of the objectives and the reaper autocannon opens up and immobilise the skimmer.

My commander carrying an objective as the tacticals fires their boltguns on the Raven Guards.
The Raven Guards had decided  to get the objective in the open area in front of the speeder.
A sign was given by my Centurion and I managed to make a combined charge of terminators, tacticals and the Centurion him self onto the Raven Guards.

A quick but bloody fight ensued and I had secured the objective.

In an attempt to cut my retreat with the objectives a new unit of Jump pack infantry deepstriked. This meant that I could not let some spare tacticals make the dash to my own table edge as they had to be escorted by the terminators because of this unforeseen danger.

Meanwhile the Centurion took out the speeder by throwing a krack grenade onto the downed jetbike...
Excellent paintjob by Fredrik Svensson, but it could not save it.

The enemy Jump infantry was confronted by my Terminators as they escorted two tactical marines carrying two or three objectives. Lightning claws and power fist made short work of those Ravens.

I had secured all but one of the objectives, taken minimum cassualties and the underhive belonged to the Alpha Legion, a great success for the Unbroken chain...

The information about the hive lords was in the Alpha Legions hands.

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