Friday, 4 August 2017

Ghazi fanatics

Here we have a freshly painted unit of Ghazi fanatics.
They have stood half painted on my table for far to long. It was long overdue that I finished them of.

The miniatures are a mixture of different manufacturers. Gripping beast plastics, Perry miniatures, Black Tree miniatures and so on.

Painting wise I wanted something different from my other forces and gave them a unified colour. I wanted the unit to look green, the colour of Islam.
I wanted to keep the details down, these are lowly soldier. They could have had more highlights and so on but I wanted to get these done as fast as possible.

In Hail Caesar I will use them in my Ayyubid Egyptians as the Ghazi fanatics entry, I think I will need to paint more miniatures to play them as a regular unit.

In Lion Rampant they will count as "Fierce foot".