Sunday, 22 October 2017

Avarii VII game 2, Solar Auxilia vs Imperial Fist

Game two on Avarii was agaist Magnus Elmquist Imperial fist.
It was a sorry game and my army was in no way up to the task of facing was what sent against them.
I got really scarred at the super heavy that apparently got a 7" blast that ignores cover.
As I was deploying second I somewhat managed to out deploy that beast and managed to stay away from the worst damages for most of the game.
But that was to no comfort when facing 3 units of veterans, a leviathan, some kind of artillery unit and a deep striking commander with his bodyguard.
My one surprise that I managed to pull of was to sneak up my Malcador Infernus and wipe out 9 lascannon dudes in one round, but that was about all it managed before it was destroyed. 

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