Saturday, 21 October 2017

Avarii VII, 30k event

Last weekend a bunch of guys from our club went to Malmö for the Avarii VII, Horus Heresy Event.
The event we have stress painted 3000pts of Warhammer 30k armies. I looked back at when I decided to tag along and that mean that I have painted about 3000pts on Solar Auxilia since the beginning of August, I feat that I hope to never have to redo...

Much of the army was untested and having seen now what I was up against I might had brought along another army. Some of the miniatures did rather lousy in all of the games. I sure got alot to learn about building a Solar Auxilia army and about the meta in Malmö.
But I had a blast and it was lots of fun to meet all the new people and look at all those beautiful painted armies.
For the event my forces would be playing on the Traitor side, I had enlisted on the Loyalist side but I guess that no one really asked my guys how they felt about the Imperium and just attacked them... All I could do was to shoot back...

Here are just a small photo dump. More will follow. 

My 3000pts Solar Auxilia


Here are some other pictures from the event:

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