Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Avarii VII game 4, Solar Auxilia vs Imperial fist

Another great game and another great opponent of Horus Heresy.
My Solar Auxilia would be facing the Imperial Fist under command of Kristofer Åberg.

I wanted to rush out and take objectives right away. The plan was to push with my Dracosans onto objectives. The Medusas would rain death onto the enemy and my Tank commander would engage enemy Spartan.
I had a fenomenal first turn and my Tank Commander took out a Spartan first turn...
Enemy Warlord would have to walk from now on...

Enemy flyer enters the battlefield and is taking aim against my Infernus... BUT, for the first time of this whole event my antiair gun did something and the enemy aircraft was taken out without any cassualties on my side.
Veletaris is taking the high grown, trying to gun down the T 5 Imperial fist with shields.

As the enemy HQ with an Apotecary and bodyguards advances and I pour all the fire I got at them their numbers starts to thin down. After my initual rush I had fallen back to trade ground for time and fire. Now I had him cornered between my Lord Marshal, a unit of Veletaris with Power axes and a unit of the Lord Marshals Xeno Pets (count as Ogryns)... but... I failed two 6" charges...

My Lord Marshal was charged instead. But he and some of his axemen survived the initial charge and our respective commanders was locked in an challange.
Next round my xeno pets joined in to assist, and my Lord Marshal actually managed to take the last wound of the enemy commander and thats meant that I had won the challange.

On the other flank I had a really tought time pushing away those T 5 marines from the objectives and that meant they could collect points each round.
My fallback from the enemy Commander and his possie meant that I had forsaken some points, and this meant that even through I got slay the Warlord and inflicted more cassualties then the enemy it was not enought. It ended in a draw.

I had a perfect first turn with lots of important enemy cassualties. My second turn I fail to follow up and made allmost nothing.
My quad multilaser squad had problem finding a good fire position and was blocked by my own miniatures and terrain.
In the game I had managed to shake or hinder the enemy Medusas to make mutch of an impact and I took only limmited cassualties even with the inboxed deployment.
I had problem in this game (and all other also...) to push the enemy of an objective when they had taken it and in the end could only catch up to a draw.
I really nead to start to play more aggressive in the future, not be afraid to take cassualties just to deny the enemy from racking up points for objectives, even if I cant take the objectives from the enemy I could have just denyed him from collecting them for the price of my men.

A BIG thanks to Kristofer for a really nice game.


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