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Ajax - Horus Heresy event game 4 AAR

Game four from the Ajax event of Horus heresy.

This was a really nice game but I took not nearly enough pictures from it I can see now.

My Alpha Legion Recon Company's good surveillance capabilities had located some grand statues raised after the Great Crusade and been tasked by the high command to escort two Remembrances to take a closer look at these for moral and propaganda purposes.

This was game 4 and this meant we would be playing the Escort mission. I REALLY like the idea with different missions on the same table on an event, so even if you are placed at the same table chances are its a different game.

The problem was that Loyalist Iron Warriors had started to entrench the position, I needed to get in quick...
Using my infiltrating and scouting abilities I managed to push up.
My plan was to push hard with all my troops, the troops guiding the Remembrances to the designated objectives and the rest of the army pushes through them and tie down the enemy. 

Veterans with combi-meltas disembarks from their black Rhino as a squad of regular Alpha Legion marines shows the Remembrance the important landmark. A small squad of Recon Marines in scout armour can be seen slightly ahead of them to the right.

A unit of seekers disembark from their Land Raiders and open up on a unit of Iron Circles with their combi-plasmas as my unit of bikes moves up.

A lone unit of Recon marines with shotguns shows a Remembrance one objective and plans to pull out fast as enemy terminators and a Contemptor moves in...

Still one Iron Circle robot left after a lousy alpha strike and I had taken a lot of damage in return fire. Only my Preator and the Seeker sergeant left there.

Enemy forces charges...

They hit home...

And smacks the Alpha Legion Preator and Sergeant to the ground...

On the other flank my Recon marines with shotguns disengage from the enemy with Terminators and a Cortus dreadnought in hot pursuit. They had managed to claim the objective and moved up to the centre of the table in search of more objectives.

My Veterans had managed to take out the Leviathan. And I still had a lone Marine left guiding the Remembrance to the next objective. As it was only troops that could do it, it was crucial that the lone marine was still alive.

My Recon marines in scout armour used the protection of the large building seen in the picture above to sneak up and try to hit the enemy deep in their line.
My Bikes speeded forward.
Reinforcements in the form of Javelins and my Fire Raptor gunships and my Recon marines in their Storm Eagle shows up.
The Javelins stayed far behind and started to shoot at maximum range to minimise returning fire. My Land Raider Proteus having lost all its cargo to a Iron Circle robot moves back also using its ranged weaponry.
As the Gunships moves in with all their guns spraying the ground, I takes out an Rhino and forcing the occupants to disembark and this will be the prime target for my bike unit to attack with their close combat weapons.
Castelaxes starting to drop from my fire.
In the close combat phase, the bikes charges the disembarked enemy marines and my Recon marines in scout armour manages to charge an Contemtor Mortis in the flank.

My Storm Eagle releases its cargo, a unit of Recon Marines with close combat weapons behind my front instead of their usual task of blowing things up in enemy lines. They manages to make contact with a lone Remembrancer that had lost its escorting unit. The Recon marines with shotguns was blasted to bits by the enemy Terminators with shouldermounted missile launchers...
Upon making contact with a Remembrancer they guided him unto another site as my Veterans pushes forward to be a greater threat and thus protecting the Recon marines from some harm. 

In the following turns my bikes feels the the retaliations from the enemies wrath and my recon scouts in close combat with the Contemtor Mortis are charged by a unit of Iron Warriors.
It is a bloody fight but my Scout sergeant manages to be the lone survivor and this gives him time to plant a last meltabomb on the Contemptor Mortis, blowing it up... His work is done here...

Recon Sergeant 126.545 codename "Alpharius" had led his squad through some ruined building previously occupied by the opponents but that had moved out because of the pressures put on them all over the front. The Recon squad used the ruined wall as protection as they crept forward. They could see their target...
An Conptemptor Mortis with twin Assault cannons was shooting down the lines of the Alpha Legion, it would be silenced...
As an Fire Raptor gunship passed by overhead and took out an Rhino amongst its targets, its occupiers stumbled out of the burning wreck. Now was the moment in all this chaos, now, before the Iron Hands had time to reorganize.
The Recon squad readied their meltabombs and moved out...


As my Gunships sprays on enemy units in the city my centre and right flank pushes forward, into enemy lines. This leaves centre part of the table clear of enemies and my Recon marines from the Storm Eagle and the lone Marine each guiding the Remembrances are left alone to study the objectives.

Huzza... a massive victory for the Alpha Legion Recon Company and the traitor forces in the event.

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