Sunday, 5 August 2018

Viking Rus Hirdmän

This unit was fun to paint...

A viking Hirdmen unit with a more Rus feel to it.
As a Swede its more natural to look at the viking expeditions to the east instead of to the west.
I think the eastern expeditions, trades and establishments, wares, equipment and clothings are far more interesting then the "British centred" view we usually see in tabletop games and movies.

The miniatures are all plastic.
Some of the bits used are from:

Gripping Beast
Fireforge Games

Northstar; Frostgrave:

And before you say it, yes I noticed I had forgotten to paint the side of the bases. Shame, shame I know. I will have to fix that.

All the shields are hand painted.

The banner have an sign or rune that are meant to protect against evil magic. Might come in handy in the deep forests full of trolls, jötnars and evil witches...