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Ajax - Horus Heresy event game 5 AAR

This is part five and the last of the after action reports from the Horus Heresy, Ajax even held in Alvesta Sweden.

Game five against Olof, same opponent I met in game three (

This time the the lojalist Iron Hands was in for revenge...
And this time they brought along their Shadowsword...
Good thing I got back my Fire Raptor that was flying missions for the Emperors children last time we met.

Game five meant it was time to take out vehicles...
An my Alpha Legion used their tactics gearing up for anti tank duty...

Pre scout move, the Alpha Legion are getting ready to move out...

A Recon sniper teams takes up a fire position.

As the bike squad redeploys and moves out.

At the back of the picture my Preator and his Seeker squad in their Land Raider Proteus can be seen moving forward.
A Recon team in scout armour moves closer to the enemy lines.
Another Recon team, this one a shotgun team using the terrain for cover moves forward and behind them the bike squad can be seen.

The planned rush with meltaboms from both the Recon teams is an utter failure, the both Leviathans make short work of the Recon teams.
In the back the few survivors from my bike squad that had taken a massive barrage from the enemy continues to push forward...
On the plus side my Javelins and my Storm Eagle have arrived as well as my outflanking veteran squad.
The Veterans with the help of some other units manages to take out all but a lone Iron Warriors special terminator and an hq from the enemy. A good round of shooting, but not good enough...
But best of all... my sniper team actually managed to do something this turn... They took out the quad mortar with phosfex grenades in one turn. This must be about the first useful thing in the whole event that they did and they manages to do it in one turn...

The problem with having a Terminator and the hq still left is that they will retaliate...

My Veterans were taken out by the enemy in an combination of fire and the charge of the terminator and the hq later in the game.

The sniper team was forced to make a slight advance as they wanted to be in range to engage the Iron Circle robots.

Fire Raptor moves in spraying enemy units with fire... I had managed to take out the rhinos with infantry parked as close protection for the enemy Shadowsword with my Fire Raptor and other long range fire and this forced the infantry to disembark... It was the perfect target for my Damocles command Rhino and it ordered the orbital bombardment to commence and I roll a 6 on the dice resulting in maximum number of barrage templates on the unprotected infantry...
To finish it of my bikes moves in and charge the last survivors from one squad to take it out.

The enemy tank destroyer by the outflanking veterans is taken out by the Storm Eagles twin lascannons and missile laucher.
The Storm Eagle lands and the Recon squad charges and takes out the Scorpion, the plan is to take out the Shadowsword next...

The enemy combine fire on my Recon squad and then charges in. I cant remember from the top of my head how they fare. I think they actually won that combat but the picture above it doesnt look to good so I might be mistaken. No matter, this game was mostly about taking out enemy vehicles and I had made a good work on that...

My Recon team moved forward grabbing an objective.
A marine squad that had stayed back in their Rhino dodging Shadowsword shots most of the game moved out and captured another.
The last turns I had tried to focus on taking out troop units as well as smaller vehicles.
This meant my opponent didnt manage to take objectives for the lack of surviving troop units close to objectives.

Another victory for the Alpha Legion Recon company... Huzza!!!

I am really impressed by my troops, they performed far far better then I had even hoped to do.
I think the strength of the list is all the troops choices I have and the lack of important units in it.
I can loose any unit in my army and its no biggie, the army doesnt hang on one unit doing their thing.
My Preator sucked in most game, in those rare moments he had the opportunity to do anything he failed miserable, but it didnt mean anything, I didnt need him to perform.
With all the outflanking, scouting and infiltrating I could to meant that my army was surprisingly mobile and I could often choose were the combat would be and what enemy unit to not engage.
But the strength of the army has to be the number of troop choices I had in it. I could take grievous losses and still have enough troop choices to capture objectives in the last rounds.
It was a really fun army to play and I like that my idea and theme of an Recon Company worked far better then I thought it would.

Here are some pictures taken during the last game

All in all this was a really great event of Horus Heresy, and it ended in an overall draw.

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