Friday, 9 November 2018

Riddare från Eriksätten

I thought that I should so something else a little. And why not some knights from the Swedish house of Erik.

Breathing some new life in my old Medieval Sweden project.
House of Erik is one of the feuding families in the movie Arn that some of you might have seen.
The historical info of this is somewhat lacking but I went with blue and white and white lions as main colours.

The miniatures are from Conquest Games, from their relative new plastic knights.

They are perfect for a sort of earlier medieval that Im after in this project.
The miniatures are surprisingly good and are a curtain lift from their earliest miniatures. The only thing I felt I was missing was some extra swords to attach on the knights.


  1. Wow, man this knights are awesome! The first man with club - is he a kind of scandinavian warror-monk?

    1. Thanks.
      Na.. He is just meant to represent a regular dude on a horse