Friday, 19 August 2011

Iron man

Here we have 2 british light mechas I converted, the problem is that I dont have any british miniatures to acompany them, I gueas I could get som paras later on.

My story is that the aircraft company De Havilland won a military contract to produce a light weight mecha that would be able to be droped from the air. They are therefore constructed in aluminium (you can se the silvery color were the paint is damaged), two small jetengines from De Havilland is mounted on the back of the mecha do alow it dropp from air and give it a limited ability do do jumps on the battle field. Its not able to do a regular flying as they lack a large enough gasoline tank.

They are painted and marked acording to RAF standard. They are equiped with a light assault rifle for self defense and a larger primary weapon. One of them is equiped with a larger .50cal version of the famous Bren gun (1/35 is to big for 28mm) and the outher one is equiped with a dubble bareled belt fed version of the Vickers K machinegun

They are intended to be used in Secrets of the third reich.

When I was painting these I noticed that I was humming the melody to "Iron man", so I cant be totaly sane…
The original model is from a Japanes toy/model.

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