Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wardancing to Shaka Khan

 15mm Zulu warriors

Here we have some 15mm Zulus from Blackhat, intended to be used in DBA

Rules for Zulus can be find here.

181a: Proto-Zulu (or Zulu) (500 AD to 1908 AD)
8 x 4Wb (main army), 2 x 3Bw or 4Wb*, 2 x 4Aux or 2Ps or 4Wb (allied tribes)

* Missile armed (if Zulu would be rifles), some made or had good enough bows to be used in this way.
This army represents those groups that became organized or were warlike enough to be well organized. They seem to have been able to overwhelm their opponents with tactics, fighting skill and numbers brought to the field of battle. The Zulu seem to have been the last major group but not the first. They were unique with the change in shield and spear, but not in ability to organize or field an army. They were also unique in doing away with missile troops until they started getting guns in trade or as loot, which they were quick to adopt for themselves.

That’s a lot of warbands for me with unfortunately little variations as I felt Bw-troops would be wrong, but it’s a beautiful army to look at.
Now I need to persuade a friend to also get some Africans and the tribalwar is on…

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