Sunday, 21 August 2011


When I saw an offer that you would get a box of plastic 28mm Napoleonic troops when you started an subscription of Wargames Illustrated I just couldn´t resist.
My army of choice fell on the Frenchies as I just love those shining Cuirassiers. The collection of French Napoleonic troops has slowly grown since the first box of Perry miniature plastic French.
The Rules we use to play with is the Black Powder rules from Warlord Games.

4th Cuirassiers 

22nd Dragoons

Dismounted Dragoons


Old guard (same unit different formations on these pictures, thought I should point that out.)

 French officer on horse.

2nd Hussars

And in the basement I got to many unpainted and half painted French miniatures…
The miniatures are a mix of Perry miniature and Victrix. I prefer the Victrix as the look so much better and more detailed. Even thou there are more parts to glue I find it still worth it.

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