Friday, 19 August 2011

Ship Battles In The Caribbean

Vive la Revolution

Vive la Republique

The year is 1802 and I, Jean Pierre Jeunet have been entrusted to stop the British ramparting throe the Caribbean.

In response to their resent attack on our trading shipment from Saint-Domingue the plan is to sink the first rated flagship in the vicinity.

By striking this blow to the British navy we should make them think twice about touching our trading goods again.

The French navy is gathering to ambush there British counterpart in the Caribbean.

The British navy is spotted. They are probably up to no good, so full sail ahead and open the gunports…

The mission is to cripple or sink the British first rate ship, there flagship. The plan is to single her out by demasting her and shoot her with all I got.
I intend to send some smaller corsairs and sloops around their flanks and harass them from the back.
Hoist the white flag of war and let the battle commence… Vive le France!

Terror struck and the third rate Genereux goes up in flame after some good shooting. I guess I have underrated the British.


After some heavy fighting and with the target, the British first rate starting to taking in water and missing all of her sails I thought it was time to go in for kill. I sent the Athenian after her and intended to give her a broadside directly to here poorly armored stern.

But my plan was crushed as a British second line had blocked my intended traveling route and let loose with here broadside and with a lucky hit Athenian was set on fire and taking some serious damage to the explosions that followed.

The first line had survived this time and could still hamper my commercial shipping from Saint-Domingue.
It’s now time to repair the damages and try to persuade the importance of a strong navy to Napoleon so he will send some more ships.

Vive le Emperor

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