Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Panzer KampLaüfer

This model have been on my ”to get list” for some time. 

I finally got me a Panzer KampfLaüfer.
The model is from Dust tactics.
In the box you get an basic Pz. KpfL. but with a variety of different weapon options.
As I don’t play the Dust tactics game I chose a weapon option on my own.
The model is painted in German ww2 “ambush pattern”.

The Pz. KpL Commander on the picture above is on her smoke brake. The model is from Darkson Design AE: WWII line.
Take a special notice to the cotton smoke from her cigarette.

My other smaller German mechas each got a pinup girl as a mascot, on this I went in another direction.
The mascot for the big Pz.KpL I chose Piglet and if my googel-fu is not mistaken is “Ferkel” in German.