Sunday, 14 October 2012

African huts

I thougt that it wasn´t enough huts at the gaming club so I needed to construct some.
Now my small African tribes have somewhere to live and a place to defend against another tribe.

The huts are made by gluing the sides of an ikea box that was falling apart on an paper tube and then sawing it into convenient sizes.

The roof is made by making paper cones that I clad in an old towel. 
A mixture of glue and water was applied before I painted the roof. The presumably opening on the hut is concealed by a piece of cloth painted with some patterns.


  1. The huts looks great and will give you a nice village to attack and defend!

  2. The African Lapa is a type of African Hut inspired by South African Style Garden Buildings, and are commonly used in open-air entertainment fields. Home renovations