Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Viking Bondi

More rank and file troops, this time as Viking Bondi.
The miniatures are Saxon Ceorl from Miniature Design Studio.

But they will work perfectly as Bondi troops for my Vikings.

I opted to go with one multi base for the ability to create a more fluid and interesting formation. I left some miniatures on single bases so I can rearrange the unit as I like or the option to add or mix them easier with other models.

The paintjob isn’t perfect but for rank and file it will do. I’m at least happy with the yellow shield and the red shield with black/dark gray pattern.

It’s always a dilemma on which level you should paint, if you spent too much time on a model you will never complete a unit and in the meantime you don’t want a crappy painted unit to game with. I think these have a good mix of details without taking to much time to paint.

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