Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The King of animals

I wanted to add some wildlife to my African project. Here I got a Lion from DeeZee miniatures.

I could use him as a terrain piece to just add a little flavor to the table top or maybe give him some stats and make him attack anyone foolish enough to venture to close.

In Hail Ceasar (the rules I used last time I played with my Tribal Africa collection) rules I could make him only use the Initiative order on anyone going to close. For an actual stat line Im not sure. But it could be fun to alter his stats between games to represent an especially vicious lion or a more common lion.

It’s a nice miniature none the less. The model is based on a standard Flames of war base.


  1. Great model and very well painted. Like the basing as well

  2. Lovely lion, perfect surprise for the poor and innocent gamers:)