Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Mamluk heavy horsearchers

I wanted to have more archery in my Ayyabid army so this Mamluk heavy horsearcher unit will fit perfect.
The miniatures are from Musketeer Miniatures and I must say that I like these a lot more then his spear equipped heavy cavalry. Still a little chunky but with some less stiff poses.  These got a more vibrant and more motion in their sculpts.

And as usual with my Mamluks in the army I tried to have as colourful and less standardise colour palette.

On this unit I started experimenting with shield transfers, not a thing I got experience of and two of the Mamluks got transfers. These were a lot harder to get right then I first thought it would be and I got a new found respect for those big units full with transfer shields that you sometimes see. But it was a good experience and I will definitely use it on other units in the future.
There is a limit on what you can achieved with brushes alone if you are painting units.

The bases are from