Thursday, 22 May 2014

Saharan Berber Archers

I liked my unit of light horse ( ) so much that I just had to expand on that visually striking unit.

These miniatures are meant to represent a unit of medium archers in the Hail Caesar rules. I have added shields to their back to show that they are a little heavier then there light unit counterpart.

The miniature them selves are a mixture of Gripping Beast new plastic arabs, Gripping beast metal miniatures and some miniatures from Magister Militum and I really like the feeling of the mixture of miniatures.

What I cant understand is why not Magister Militum have better pictures of their miniature on their site.
I really liked these archers but it was a little of a gamble to order from them as I didn´t know how they would look like and how they would fit in.
If I had known what they had looked like earlier I would have ordered more miniatures for my Saracen project from them earlier so its really their loss...
It was the excellent miniature comparison post at that made me finaly get some of MMs miniatures, they looked good there.

The banner is self made using Google Translate for the arabic writing, but I noticed when I took these pictures that I have centered the text wrong on the banner as arabic is written from right to left... Next unit will have a more correct writing.
I will leave this as a funny thing on this unit and to see of others will notice it.


  1. A great looking unit! And the banner looks great, even if the text is going the wrong way. Wouldn't have noticed it without you mentioning it :D

  2. Très jolies troupes, à bientôt Christian.

  3. Love your painting. Also a big plus that you start writing in arabic. What did you write? Did you write in arabic: "No more jolly days for the infidels under the arabic sun"??? ;)

  4. Thanks guys.

    Peter> You almost nailed it. Better luck next time.

    The Banner says (according to Google translate atleast) "Palm oil is the good stuff".

    I have made a small list of funny sentences and words that I might use in the future...