Monday, 26 May 2014

Fow, AAR

Tobias and I played another games of Flames of war, mid-war. It seems like ages ago we did and it was lots of fun.

I was to hold a village or rather two objectives in its vicinity. One small outpost with a tent and some spotters and one small oasis that seems to brake the rules of nature with its funky water level.

 The American onslaught. Mechanised American with armoured support.

First tanks arrives and tries to find a week spot in the defences.
I got a BF109 zooming in from the rear, the plan was to try to hit those tincans full of soldiers mounted up. A risky plan as they are filled with aa mg:s.

My guns open up and the Americans got a nasty surprise. I also revealed a unit of Achtacht...

 Long range gunnery...
But with just a small effect. I managed to nail one "iron coffin" atleast.

The air plane didn´t make it, a risky plan that didn´t succeed.

Enemy P-40 Kittyhawk... Yes, shut up it is a Kittyhawk.
My PaK40 unit have taken up fire positions.

Shermans tries to take cover behind the burning wreckage. 

Enemy spotted.
-Try to take out the index finger.

 Ahh... lovly sight.. Burning wreckage lit up the skies. Pak38, Pak40 and FlaK36 are making a mess.

Last two Shermans are in trouble... I finished of one with PaK38 and in the confuses I stormed out of my defences and took out the last one.

I love the smell of burning Shermans in the morning... It smells of Victory...

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