Monday, 19 May 2014

Clash of Arabic warbands, AAR

Last week me and Johan tested out the Songs of blades and heroes skirmish rules for an medieval setting.

The Songs of blades are a small skirmish game by Ganesha games.

Im a little surprised but they worked out far better then I thought they would.

We each picked a 300points warband from miniatures in my collection and a small clash of warbands in the holyland was to follow.

 My small warband. My leader in pink turban commanding some warriors, some militias and two Turcomans horsearchers.

 My nemesis Johan with his warband. A Leader, 2 archers some warriors and 2 militias.

 My infantry advances.

 Johans warriors takes positions inside a ruin.

 Turcomans are sent to greet them.

But I did underestimate his ability to move his troopes and was nearly attacked. Saved by some millimetres.

 The Turcomans use their speed and pulls out of combat and shots down one enemy.

Massive combat ahead...
I attacked his warriors with mine and was able to have my complete warband at one place against just a portion of his.
The Turcomans are left a little behind and are meant to pick out single models with their bows.

Models fall on both side but things looks good.


Then I decide to attack with my Leader (wearing pink turban) and I got slaughtered against the warrior in blue turban and white dress.

Some of my warriors starts to pull back at the sight of loosing my leader. One of my Turcomans leaves the table. This resulting in a further moral test as I have now lost half of my warband. And the further test seals the doom of my warband.

The loss of my Leader was just to much.

Good quick game even thou it was ages ago I tested the Songs of... rules and Johan had never tested them before.
I expect to have more battles with this set of rules in the future.


  1. We have been playing some Song of Drums and Shakos (Napoleonics) and are enjoying it alot. Very clever game mechanics. Interesting to see the bow and sword version in use - seems like you had a good game!

  2. Very interesting report and some good pictures.
    We've been playing SoBaH from time to time during the last years and I really like the ruleset. It's an easy beer and brezel game for short matches and a lot of fun. Combined with the expansion sets it covers nearly everything a player's heart could whish... ;-)


  3. Nice game! Will you be doing more detailed scenario's as well?

  4. What a fabulous looking game.